Re: proposed TSV for potential consent

On Apr 23, 2013, at 6:30 AM, Rob van Eijk wrote:

>> btw: Pixels can talk DNT (request and response headers are included).
>> They only cannot trigger the JS-based exception API.
> Got that, so let's call it partial DNT. Alex put this on the table in Washington and much of it relates to his proposal from back then (

To be clear, that is not the proposal from Alex that I was talking about.
We had a discussion in the hallway at the 2nd F2F meeting, IIRC,
in Santa Clara, wherein we discussed the wide variety of systems that
implement tracking (by any definition).  My goal was to make it possible
for these systems to comply with DNT by turning off tracking where
it occurs, rather than on the website that is merely receiving
raw data and appending it to a file for later processing.

FTR, I am only trying to translate other folks desires into a
proposal for consideration by the group, based on the premise that
more systems honoring DNT is a good thing.  If the group's decision
is that only companies capable of performing real-time request
handling are allowed to implement DNT, then I would have a hard
time arguing against that.


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