Re: DNT: Agenda for April 10 call

On Wednesday 10 April 2013 09:19:05 David Singer wrote:
> I think this is much better.

+1 especially as there is no difference whether the browser or the site 
acquires consent for tracking (DNT:0) So it cuts both ways. If you make 
it difficult to obtain DNT:1 it will be difficult to get to DNT:0. Easy 
DNT:1 (e.g. per site like in Opera F12) would also mean easy DNT:0. 

I think difficult DNT:1 (go tools->preferences->privacy->advanced->are-
you-really-sure->you-better-stop-here->DNT to get to 1) and easy DNT:0 
(by accident, you clicked on one of our pixels ->DNT:0) would be a 
difficult sell. The other way around would be a difficult sell too.


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