Re: ISSUE-5: definition of tracking


thanks for the fees and donations. Indefinite storage of weblogs as 
a permitted use is one discussion. A tracking definition is another 
one. We shouldn't import the one into the other is all I wanted to 

And on the access log issue, we should do that under permitted uses 
and change the subject of this email thread. And I only said what we 
are doing (and that the sys-folks were not amused when we started 
that practice and like it now, 6 weeks is just a problem of 
volume+resources+aggregation, if you want to donate machines .. :) )


On Wednesday 05 September 2012 09:13:06 Shane Wiley wrote:
> It's easy for the W3C to purge logs after 6 weeks as you don't
> monetize online activities.  If anything, I'd be curious why it
> isn't even less.  Your organizational funds (and your paycheck)
> come from membership fees and donations.  :-)

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