Re: ISSUE-5: definition of tracking


whether you exclude access logs from the initial definitions or 
whether you cover them by permitted uses is just a matter of taste. 
So please do not use the definition for the access log argument. The 
real question on access logs is the time of non-anonymized 
retention. W3C anonymizes logs as a matter of policy after 6 weeks. 
This also helps with exuberant subpoenae. We can (and should IMHO) 
discuss this explicitly instead of complicating the definition.


On Wednesday 05 September 2012 01:55:58 Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> The effect would be that simply retaining an access log would
> not count as tracking unless it was used to track.  
> I also used words that align with the compliance definitions
> (interaction instead of transaction) and slightly broadened what
> is allowed to include session cookies (e.g., shopping carts).

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