proposal ISSUE-188 ("unlinkable"): 3.6.2 - "1024-unlinkable"

The current editor's draft includes an option for the definition of unlinkable data in section 3.6.2.  That text is:

> 3.6.2 Option 2: Unlinkable Data
> A dataset is unlinkable when there is a high probability that it contains only information that could not be linked to a particular user, user agents, or device by a skilled analyst. A party renders a dataset unlinkable when either:
> 1. it publicly publishes information that is sufficiently detailed for a skilled analyst to evaluate the implementation, or
> 2. ensure that the dataset is at least 1024-unlinkable.

(I believe this to be based on contributions from Jonathan, Tom, Peter, and others.  If somebody wishes to link this note back to the original proposal, that's welcome -- but optional.  The purpose of this message is to make sure that we have an easily-retrieved record of all options before the group.)

Thomas Roessler, W3C <> (@roessler)

Received on Wednesday, 14 November 2012 23:32:30 UTC