I was going to suggest that iOS's "Limit Ad Tracking" preference might 
be a hint towards a solution but, of course, it does have "tracking" in 
there. :/ best, Joe

On Wed Nov 14 12:54:16 2012, Shane Wiley wrote:
> Thomas,
> This is somewhat repetitive as 50% + of the working group is asking
> for the term to be defined.  Specifically, if we have a buzz term
> called “Do Not XYZ” and never define XYZ then what are we “Not
> Doing”?  Before you can build a solution, it’s crucial to have a
> problem statement.  This problem statement would serve as a guide to
> all of your downstream activities and serve as the definition that all
> considerations can be tested against.  The fact the working group is
> slowing in our progress is we’re now at a stage where everyone is
> looking around and asking “what are we trying to solve for again?” –
> as its clear we’re trying to solve very different problems.  Since
> we’ve never had agreement on the problem, it’ll be impossible (in my
> opinion) for us to agree on a solution.  Trying to construct a
> solution and then at the end define the problem appears backwards to
> many of us.
> - Shane
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> Thomas,
> To this statement: “tracking" (a term which doesn't show up in the
> current normative language…“
> Please note the title of both documents. J  To me that is clearly
> “normative” in context.  Fair?
> Actually, no -- the title of a specification isn't normative.
>  Sometimes, the title of a document is even just some acronym, like
> "HTML."
> It would be good if you could point out where the definition of
> "tracking" influences the requirements that are placed on
> implementers, and it would be good if you could articulate what
> specific result you are trying to accomplish by defining "tracking".

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