Re: Modifying a DNT Header (ISSUE-153, ACTION-285)

On 11/13/12 1:05 AM, David Singer wrote:

> On your second question, my *advice* would be for software to obey
> the signal while you complain like hell about the mis-behaving agent.
> That is, you behave better than the other end in terms of the
> interaction, but fix it up by getting the software fixed, if
> possible.  I'd be anxious about throwing out the valid with the
> invalid, for example.  I also see the DNT signal as a way to avoid
> the deadly downward spirals we sometimes see on the 'net, where we
> see measure/counter-measure spirals downward.  But this is general
> advice -- like being in a group, that the only way I know to maintain
> civility is if everyone feels they are being nicer to other people
> than people are being to them. :-)  I realize that lots of questions
> arise -- for how long? how nice do I need to be? do I have a way to
> communicate my unhappiness with their non-compliance?  will they ever
> fix it?  and so onů

I would very much be in favour to have this principle included in the
standard, even if it is just non-normative text.



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