Re: Modifying a DNT Header (ISSUE-153, ACTION-285)

On 11/9/12 2:18 PM, Walter van Holst wrote:
> On 9 nov. 2012, at 19:26, David Wainberg <> wrote:
>> But what do we do about software that just doesn't care that the spec says that? Are you saying a UA should unquestioningly do whatever some other piece of software tells it? (just like Ron Burgundy will read whatever's on the teleprompter?)
> Not that it should, the nature of the beast is that it cannot do otherwise. It is just the reality of general purpose computing that expecting more from the UA than in my earlier text proposal (which may be in need of further refinement) is not unlike requiring someone to ignore the laws of physics. I concur with David that this is becoming a rat hole.
Now I feel like we're talking past each other. The language you proposed 
previously does, as I said, go in the direction of what I'm proposing. 
Here's Walter's text:

/A UA MUST incorporate detection mechanisms for alteration of 
DNT-preferences by third-party software (including third-party 
UA-extensions and plugins) and MUST upon detection of such changes 
verify with the user that they reflect the user's intentions. The UA MAY 
provide the user with the option to ignore future changes in the 
DNT-preferences or to automatically change them back to a user-set 
preference. /

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