ACTION-328: Address how multiple first parties can be expressed in tracking status representation

Somewhere during the discussion on Oct 17 it was pointed out that
the tracking status representation currently assumes a single
first party.  I have been trying to think of ways to best describe
a site with multiple first parties, and have come to the conclusion
that the simplest way is best:

  1) add a "first-party" member to the status representation
     containing an array of links to contact information located
     on domains owned by each first party.  This array would be
     OPTIONAL for most sites but REQUIRED if TSV is "1" and either:
     (a) the site is considered to be first party by multiple
         legal entities; or,
     (b) the origin server domain is not owned by the entity
         that is the first party.

     [Alternatively, make it REQUIRED for all "1" sites.]

  2) The (b) above means we can remove the service provider requirement
     on the policy link, since another thread has requested that policy
     URIs be allowed to be generic for reuse, similar to the use of
     Creative Commons for copyright licensing.

Another advantage is that this closely correlates with the EU notion
of joint data controllers.


Received on Thursday, 1 November 2012 22:56:11 UTC