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Björn, are you implying that you think DNT in general only applies to OBA?


On May 29, 2012, at 6:47 PM, Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:

> * Ian Fette wrote:
>> Thanks for the summary Aleecia. What you describe as "C" around allowed
>> uses is the thing that I'm having trouble figuring out how we pull off.
>> Presumably, once the logs are processed and in their final resting place,
>> you have to be able to stand up to an audit / inquiry of some sort. "prove
>> to me you're honoring whatever commitments you made w.r.t. DNT". If we have
>> strict requirements from time zero " a data collector MUST NOT use the data
>> for purposes other than those allowed outside of the six week period." then
>> what have we gained? If I have to be able to make the same assertions from
>> time zero that I would have to make at time t+6wk, then it seems like there
>> is no benefit to the six week period at all, it is fundamentally no
>> different from the period after six weeks as best as I can tell.
> In order to understand this point, I recommend Ian's earlier messages,
>  My intent was simply to say "Look. If you're only keeping data for six
>  weeks, DNT is REALLY easy for you to comply with. As long as you don't
>  use the data to build a model that's used to serve targeted ads to
>  users, you're good. If you keep data for more than six weeks, then
>  unfortunately life isn't as simple for you, have fun."
>  This was really meant as a "If you only log data for six weeks, unless
>  you do this one thing (serving OBA ads) you don't have to worry about
>  anything, you're compliant with DNT. If you log data for more than six
>  weeks, then you have to deal with all of the DNT stuff, have fun."
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