Summary of Discussions on user-granted Exceptions [consensus check on ISSUE-129 and ISSUE-130]

Hi Team,

I've reviewed our discussion so far and I would like to double-check
that the following statements are indeed our current consensus.

Proposed CONSENSUS to be verified
1. Purpose/Scope:   User-granted exceptions allow sites and third
parties to signal the desire to be exempted from the requirements under
2. We agreed that web-wide exceptions (widget as third parties on all
sites) should be implemented
3. We agreed that site-wide exceptions (any third party on a given site)
should be implemented
4. User-granted exceptions are managed and stored by the user-agent
    (while out-of-band exceptions are stored and managed by the site)

Did we also agree on?
A) Web-wide exceptions should only be permitted to be requested by the
site you are visiting (e.g.,
      only when being on the widget-provider site can the provider ask
for a web-wide exception)
B) Site-wide exceptions should only be permittted to be requested by 
the site you are visiting
C) The response to a request should reflect the user preference
expressed at this point in time
    [e.g., saying OK to a web-wide exception should only be done if
subsequently you will
      sent DNT;0 to the widget provider [assuming no further preference
input/change has been made]]

Please reply if you cannot live with these statements or if I
misrepresented the current state of our discussion.
We can then discuss this topic further during this wednesday's call. For
the explicit/explicit discussion, I will send a separate mail.


Received on Monday, 14 May 2012 15:05:42 UTC