Re: [ISSUE-5] What is the definition of tracking?

On Wednesday 07 March 2012 12:16:50 Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> Given that the protocol is "Do Not Track", this issue has more
> substance then the entire rest of the compliance document.


the "Do Not Track" protocol has as much importance for consent making in a 
market of 480 Million people. So "tracking" is not the only thing we pursue, 
despite the name. 

I already said, I like your definition. It's balance is proven by the fact 
that you get fire from all sides. I agree with Jonathan that we are close if 
we can figure out the "collection" part. I think by including the usual 
chatter into your definition, you complicate things. I think we all agree that 
"tracking" is beyond the collections done for basic http interaction and 
security. It takes you one sentence to exclude that.


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