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I thought earlier versions of the TPE made it clear that their were two options under consideration.  I didn't get that impression from this latest version

On Feb 27, 2012, at 4:13 PM, David Singer wrote:

> On Feb 27, 2012, at 16:11 , John Simpson wrote:
>> Hi Roy and David,
>> I was just reading the latest version of the TPE standard dated today, Feb. 27.  As I now read and understand it you've got a response from a well-known URI as a *must* and an HTTP response header as a *may*.
>> Am I reading this right?  I thought we were still trying to decide which is the better method. Have I missed something on the email list?
> I think they are both in the spec. while we determine what outcome the group wants.  Which one(s) remain, under what mandate or option, is indeed for the group to decide.
> I think the author of the response header indicated he might be OK with a 'may', which might be why it's written that way now.
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