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Re: The DAA Commitment

From: Karl Dubost <karld@opera.com>
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 12:05:48 -0500
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To: Mike Zaneis <mike@iab.net>
to better understand some clarifications needed :)

Le 24 févr. 2012 à 11:50, Mike Zaneis a écrit :
> The DAA has not committed to implementing any standard/technology that is inconsistent with the current DAA Principles.

Which are those if any?

> We have committed to immediately begin working with the browser providers

ah? Which browser implementers?

> to develop a consistent and easy-to-use header tool that educates consumers

What is a "easy-to-use header tool"? HTTP headers? something else?

> and allows them to exercise a persistent opt out from the DAA Principles.

What do you mean? Do you mean cookies instead of HTTP headers?

> I need to point out some of the things that we did NOT commit too, including changing the underlying DAA Principles.  We have not extended the program to cover 1st parties.  We have not committed to any specific implementation technology or business practices, those will be worked out with the DAA member companies through a very deliberative process.  We have not agreed to implement standards that differ from the current DAA Principles, be that W3C DNT standards or company-imposed technology standards.  And we have not agreed to a "one click" DNT toolbar button, as has been reported.

It's not possible to commit to any of those things given that the specifications are not finished. The time is still in testing the options with real implementations to understand how it is supposed to work and sees what are the difficulties. That's exactly the goal of this Working Group. Any talking without implementations test will not work. 

If DAA decides to not test the Specification proposed options, the Working Group is loosing a valuable input, and it undermines the effort. Worse it makes it impossible to come up with something that you would agree with. 

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