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Le 2 févr. 2012 à 19:44, JC Cannon a écrit :
> Are you indicating that 3rd parties must go back through raw logs or processed data to erase the referrer de-identify the entry? If the former this will near impossible for companies who collect an enormous amount of logs daily.

This is a reasonable argument, but then the other solution would be to opacify the data on the spot and/or not record them at all.
Which one is the most reasonable? 

Shutting down options without proposing new ones doesn't help the discussion.

>> - A User-Agent sending DNT:1 MAY prevent the transmission of cookies and other identifiers that are sent with the request.
> If cookie suppression occurs at the client it will override exceptions that may be place for a site.

exceptions of which nature? opt-in cookies and/or opt-out cookies. 
It might be interesting to develop a solution where this is manageable by sites. STill need to think about that.

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Developer Relations, Opera Software

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