Agenda for August 30, 2012 call


Main topic:Discuss remaining open and unclear issues and assign actions 
to them


1. Selection of scribe

Old business

2. Review of overdue action items: 

3.Any comments on published minutes

4.Quick check that callers are identified

New business

5. Discuss open issues. Goal is to either close the issue or else assign 
an action that brings us towards being able to close the issue.

ISSUE 137: Service provider flag
See separate mail as input to the discussion:
- The user agents can understand what visible pieces of a site are 
acting on behalf of a 1st party (using the same-site attribute)
- The user agent cannot tell whether these pieces are part of the same 
entity (e.g., youtube/google) or whether it is a
authorized service provider (e.g., analytics) that follow the 
requirements for service providers.

Main question that remains is whether a user agent has a 
machine-readable need to be able to distinguish whether elements are 
actually part of the 1st party or whether they are services providers 
authorised by the 1st party.

ISSUE 116 JScript DOM Properties
- Will be discussed if Nick completes his corresponding action

ISSUE-112: How are sub-domains handled for site specific exceptions

ISSUE-138: How can providers without HTML real-estate obtain exceptions?

6. (if time): Screen RAISED issues to decide which issues to open and 
what actions to assign:

99. Announce next meeting & adjourn

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