Re: action-231, issue-153 requirements on other software that sets DNT headers

On Aug 23, 2012, at 22:24 , Mike Zaneis <> wrote:

> "the scenario is that the user visits a site, and the user-agent sends a DNT header, but the site isn't sure it reflects the user's true intentions.  If the site is designed so that it continues to allow access if it is satisfied it does indicate the user's intentions, then it might be concerned that, in this case, the site's chosen 3rd parties will be asked not to track when that was not the user's true request.  The advertising under these DNT circumstances may be less valuable, and the site may receive less compensation from the advertisers. Do I have it right?"
> This is nonsensical to me.

Then please post exactly your scenario.  I am having a hard time discussing a problem which you don't outline clearly.

> If the site does not believe the DNT:1 signal is valid, then why would anyone in the supply chain be expected to honor the invalid signal?  

Where in the text I wrote did I say that?  This scenario is *explicitly addressing* the case where there is doubt over the validity of a received signal.

> This highlights the concerns I have with your misunderstanding of the publisher/third party relationship

Please write your scenario and explain it.  Thanks

David Singer
Multimedia and Software Standards, Apple Inc.

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