RE: Proposed Agenda for 2011-11-30 TPWG call

Regrets - I will not be able to join today's meeting.

- Shane

Shane Wiley
VP, Privacy & Data Governance

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Subject: Proposed Agenda for 2011-11-30 TPWG call


The agenda for the weekly working group phone call is below. Sorry for
not sending it earlier - I accidentially sent it to the wrong
(editors-only) list.

We look forward to a productive call at our standing time, Wednesdays
at 9 am pacific / noon eastern / 6pm Central europe.  Call in details
are at the end.

Chair:        Matthias Schunter
Editor:       Roy Fielding
Main topic:   Tracking Preference Expression

Feedback is welcome...



1. Selection of scribe

2. Any comments on minutes from the last call:

4. Date & Venue of next Face2face:
     - Jan 24, 2011, 10am Brussels Time - Jan 26, 2011, 5pm Brussels Time
     - Starting with the Standards Compliance Discussion
     - goal: Brussels Area

Old business

5. Closing of issues that are marked "PENDING REVIEW":
   - The FPWD addresses a series of issues that are now
     marked 'pending review'.
   - If we agree that the resolution proposed is sufficient
     (unless new information appears), then we should close
     these issues:


New business

5. Status and next steps for OPEN issues for TPE:

ISSUE-27	How should the "opt back in" mechanism be designed?
ISSUE-51	Should 1st party have any response to DNT signal
ISSUE-95	May an institution or network provider set a tracking
preference for a user?
ISSUE-87 Should there be an option for the server to respond with "I
don't know what my policy is"

6. Roy plans to consolidate inputs to address these issues. If we have
time, he may report on his progress:

ISSUE-47	Should the response from the server point to a URI of a
policy (or an existing protocol) rather than a single bit in the protocol?
ISSUE-48	Response from the server could both acknowledge receipt of a
value and (separately) whether the server will honor it
ISSUE-61	A site could publish a list of the other domains that are
associated with them
ISSUE-76	Should a server echo the DNT header to confirm receipt?
ISSUE-80	Instead of responding with a Link: header URI, does it make
sense to use a well-known location for this policy?
ISSUE-90	Interaction of DNT with caching and intermediaries

98. Announce next meeting & adjourn

99. ================ Infrastructure =================

Zakim teleconference bridge:
Phone +1.617.761.6200 passcode TRACK (87225)
IRC Chat:, port 6665, #dnt

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