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Re: Issue-17, Issue-51 First party obligations

From: Karl Dubost <karld@opera.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 20:04:49 -0500
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To: Jonathan Mayer <jmayer@stanford.edu>

Le 29 nov. 2011 à 19:09, Jonathan Mayer a écrit :
> There have been several proposed third-party service designs that would mitigate varying degrees of privacy risk.  See http://donottrack.us/bib/#sec_technology and http://donottrack.us/cookbook/.  Client-side storage is a common starting point.

Were there solutions proposed for cases where the browser and/or device is used by multiple persons?

from the top of my head, these are common scenarios.

* family with one computer at home
* cybercafes (regular users and travelers)
* one mobile device/phone shared by a community (developing countries, tablets in western world)


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