Re: Draft Text on First Parties and Third Parties (ACTION-34, ISSUE-10, ISSUE-26, ISSUE-88)

* Jonathan Mayer wrote:
>Tom and I have worked for several weeks on a comprehensive draft of the
>sections delineating first parties and third parties.  We attempted to
>reflect the approaching-consensus discussion at Santa Clara and on the
>email list.  Our draft includes both operative standards language and
>non-normative explanation and examples.  The text is formatted with the
>W3C template to better resemble how it would appear in the final
>document; please note that this is not an Editor's Draft (as the
>template might suggest).

My brief reading of the proposal suggests that "Example Search" and "Ex-
ample Video" are both part of some "Example" "super-organization", but
"Example News" and "Example Analytics" are not. That's very confusing.
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