Re: ISSUE-95: May an institution or network provider set a tracking preference for a user?

* Thomas Roessler wrote:
>1. On the technical level, HTTP is specified (among other things) in
>terms of user agent behavior, server behavior, and intermediary
>behavior.  It, for example, says how intermediaries handle hop-to-hop
>header, how caching behavior is controlled by the protocol, and all
>that.  Intermediaries are participants in that protocol, and they
>actually are developed according to specifications.  Therefore, on the
>technical level, we need the "intermediaries MUST NOT mess with this
>header" note.  That's part of the technical protocol specification.

I am saying that HTTP does not allow intermediaries to rewrite, add, or
remove the "dnt" header without the user agreeing to that in some way.
If you can demonstrate that HTTP allows this, please go ahead and do so.
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