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ACTION-418, ISSUE-164: Add text to the same-party member to explain how it might be used by a UA to differ behavior based on the claim of same-party; original text by Rigo, modified by Roy to reduce repetition of intro and to avoid implying that blocking a request is the only behavior that might differ

--- /w3ccvs/WWW/2011/tracking-protection/drafts/tracking-dnt.html	2013/04/30 08:24:49	1.212
+++ /w3ccvs/WWW/2011/tracking-protection/drafts/tracking-dnt.html	2013/06/05 19:38:36	1.213
@@ -1111,13 +1111,27 @@
 <dfn>controller-v</dfn>  = array-of-strings
+            Since a user's experience on a given site might be composed of
+            resources that are assembled from multiple domains, it might be
+            useful for a site to distinguish those domains that are subject to
+            their own control (i.e., share the same data controller as the
+            referring site).
             An OPTIONAL member named <code><a>same-party</a></code> MAY be
             provided with an array value containing a list of domain names
             that the origin server claims are the same party, to the extent
-            they are referenced by the designated resource, since all data
+            they are referenced by the designated resource, if all data
             collected via those references share the same data controller as
             the designated resource.
+          <p>
+            A user agent might use the <code><a>same-party</a></code> array,
+            when provided, to inform or enable different behavior for
+            references that are claimed to be same-party versus those for
+            which no claim is made. For example, a user agent might choose to
+            exclude, or perform additional pre-flight verification of,
+            requests to other domains that have not been claimed as same-party
+            by the referring site.
+          </p>
           <pre class="abnf">
 <dfn>same-party</dfn>    = %x22 "same-party" %x22
 <dfn>same-party-v</dfn>  = array-of-strings

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