Re: [touch-events] Specify what browsers do on non-touch devices

If it's normative and non-ambiguous then it's testable  (e.g. can test
 that the entire feature set is disabled in the right way) and new 
implementations (e.g. servo) don't need to reverse engineer other 
browsers to get web compat.

Disabling support for something can be done in several ways, and if 
the feature interacts with other features then it becomes unclear what
 should happen if the spec only has a vauge note about this issue.

As an example, I just fixed the dom spec to throw `NotSupportedError` 
for createEvent (instead of `TypeError` which it happened to require 
before without considering that `TouchEvent` could be undefined). This
 could use a spec hook from the touch events spec to make it clearer.

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Received on Tuesday, 19 April 2016 06:30:50 UTC