Re: [touch-events] Specify what browsers do on non-touch devices

This behavior is more of a workaround to circumvent badly coded sites 
that make the naive "if touch events, it must be a mobile/touch-only 
device, so we only bind to touch events and not to mouse or click" 
approach that seems to be so pervasive.

In fact, some desktop browsers on laptops/computers with touchscreen 
don't expose touch events at all in some cases, as too many sites then
 also assume touch-only and break mouse/trackpad/keyboard interaction.

Not sure if codifying this user agent heuristic/self-defence mechanism
 in the spec itself would help solve the fundamental problem of sites 
having crappy code, or if codifying it would make sites even more 
justified in their approach (which would still fail in the desktop 

Maybe adding an informative (non-normative) note could be useful 
nonetheless? /cc @RByers 

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Received on Monday, 18 April 2016 16:00:12 UTC