Re: A new GitHub organization for web-platform-tests

On 04/04/2018 07:18, Philip J├Ągenstedt wrote:
> What would a structure that doesn't mix tests and infrastructure look like?
> Two subdirectories?

Any mass move like this would be disruptive for gecko. Although we do 
have support for moving metadata files when downstreaming, I don't 
particularly want to find out all the edge cases that occur when every 
test is moved. Moving the tooling is not well supported since various 
paths are hardcoded (so that e.g. wptrunner ends up on the Python path 
when running gecko-specific tooling). It would also cause merge 
conflicts with every local change, and break tests relying on absolute 
paths. I can't imagine it would be less than a week of work to fix all 
the fallout from such a change, and more than likely there would be 
subtle breakage not noticed for a long time.

In the absence of strong evidence that the current setup is causing 
problems at the same scale as the disruption any move would cause, I am 
very reluctant to start making large-scale changes to the organisation 
of the repository.

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