Re: WPT meeting at TPAC: Which day?

My vote would be the Tuesday.


On 11 August 2017 at 09:15, Philip Jägenstedt <> wrote:

> This'll be my first TPAC, and I'm going only for web-platform-tests
> discussion. So, I would prefer it to be on Monday, since that'll allow for
> the most follow-up meetings and discussions. (I'm planning to be there
> Mon-Wed.)
> On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 12:30 AM Michael[tm] Smith <> wrote:
>> All y’all who will be attending TPAC in Burlingame in November and are
>> involved in or at least interested in the web-platform-tests effort: We’re
>> planning a one-day meeting during TPAC week and would like for you to be
>> there.
>> We have tentatively scheduled the meeting for Thursday, November 9 but
>> for a few
>> reasons (the biggest one being that key contributor won’t be able to
>> attend
>> that day) we are now planning to aim for either Monday or Tuesday instead.
>> So if you plan to attend but Monday or Tuesday are not good for you and
>> you’d
>> actually prefer we stick with Thursday, then weigh in here to say so.
>> Otherwise, if you have a preference for Monday over Tuesday or instead a
>> preference for Tuesday instead of Monday, then weigh in to say that.
>> If I don’t get any blocking objections to moving it from Thursday then
>> that’s what we’ll go ahead and do—and if I don’t get any strong
>> preferences
>> expressed on Monday vs Tuesday, then I’ll just pick one and send a
>> follow-up
>> note here to let y’all know when the schedule has been updated.
>>   —Mike
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>> Michael[tm] Smith

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