Migrating csswg-test GitHub issues to web-platform-tests

The largest remaining part of the GitHub move is to move existing issues over:

We have 226 open issues in csswg-test. Of these, 188 are labelled with

Of those, this number have these other labels…

spec:flexbox: 1
mix-blend-mode: 1
reftest: 1
shapes-box-model-float-behavior: 1
spec:cssom-view: 2
shape-outside: 6
spec:shapes: 7
testtwf: 7
javascript: 8
spec:css-grid: 28
spec:regions: 38
spec:compositing: 107

So, yeah. We have 107 missing coverage issues for compositing, almost
half of all open issues. They're (almost?) all a "test case
description" followed by an "expectation" (i.e., a fairly detailed
specification for a test). However, they all date from November 2013
and nobody has done anything with them in over three years. As far as
I'm aware, the spec is relatively stable having shipped in Firefox and
Chrome for several years, and a subset of the spec in Safari for
several years. However, as with most of the FXTF stuff, it's not
currently moving forward (do we even have editors for it currently?).

The 38 regions issues are similar, insofar as there's one issue per
test. As far as I'm aware, Safari is the only browser with a roughly
current implementation, but the spec is on hold AFAIK and seems likely
to change.

I would prefer not to move all of these over to web-platform-test as
doing so would vastly reduce the signal/noise of issues there given
nobody is likely to deal with them any time soon and they may well end
up being wrong (or already be wrong) due to spec changes.

The plan myself and Alan came up with is to move over all issues from
csswg-test to web-platform-tests *except* those tagged with
(type:missing-coverage and spec:compositing) or (type:missing-coverage
and spec:regions). There will be two new issues filed: one for
missing-coverage for compositing linking to all the csswg-test issues
for compositing, and another one for regions. As such, all issues will
be considered moved.

If nobody has any comments, I'll do this on Friday.


Received on Wednesday, 5 April 2017 16:11:04 UTC