Re: [ACTION REQUIRED] Re: Stability testing of PRs

On 23/10/16 03:18, David Dorwin wrote:
> Is that what is causing the "CRITICAL:check_stability:Must provide a
> GitHub token via --gh-token or $GITHUB_TOKEN" errors as
> in


> Can we disable these checks until there is a solution?

Instead I just checked in a solution. A GitHub token is no longer 
required for running the stability check job. In the case where it is 
present (i.e. PRs made from the w3c/web-paltform-tests repository) a 
comment will be added to the PR with the test results. In the case where 
it is not the GitHub API will not be used and users will have to consult 
the logs on travis to find out what went wrong. However I have tried to 
make these more readable than before, collapsing most of the output by 
default and tidying up the table.

In the future we could create a bot running on some server that would 
read a machine-readable dump of the results from the travis log and post 
this to the GitHub PR. This would avoid the need for travis to have any 
GitHub access itself.

In the meantime, please rebase your PRs again. Apologies for the 
inconvenience caused.

Received on Sunday, 23 October 2016 22:35:08 UTC