Re: Multiple tests per file

On 02/26/2015 05:13 AM, James Graham wrote:
> So there are some cases in which it is useful to have multiple tests per
> file, distinguished by a query string or fragment. In fact some tests in
> the repo (e.g. the html5lib parser tests) already support variations
> specified in this way, but we don't include those variations in our
> manifest.
> Assuming we want to support this somehow, what's people's preferred
> mechanism? <meta> elements like:
> <meta name=test content="">
> <meta name=test content="?variant=1">
> An override.manifest file like:
> test.html
> test.html?variant=1
> Something else?

Would we want to let the test generate those variants automatically? ie 
would there be a use case where those variants are constructed on the fly?


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