Re: Using WPT as unit tests for polyfill libraries?

On 17 Feb 2015, at 07:54, Glen Huang <> wrote:
> - How to automate the tests in multiple browsers? More specifically, is it possible to integrate WPT into, say, sauce labs?

Ms2ger mentioned wptrunner.  It provides a cross-browser (mostly) OS independent test runner for the wpt tests.

For most browsers it uses WebDriver to load in the tests, so it could technically be made to run against any remote providing a Selenium server.

However from a vendor point of view, we typically want to test against fresh builds in our CI system to catch regressions.

Tracking interoperability between different UAs is, I think, a desired outcome we want from wpt.  As far as I know there have been talk about creating a dashboard to help visualise and track this.

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