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On 12/01/2015 15:19 , Simon Pieters wrote:
> Awesome!


> There was some work on estimating test coverage for the HTML spec. I can
> only find which might
> be outdated by now but I don't know where there is something more current.

I don't think that's a reference document at this point.

> Otherwise a simple rule is to pick something at random or something that
> interests you particularly. Almost everything needs more tests. :-)

I would say pick something that interests you and go with that. (Or, 
perhaps better, pick three things that way you have alternatives if your 
first choice isn't practical :)

The reason for this recommendation is because no matter what you're 
going to have to spend a fair bit of time with the topic, so it's better 
if it's one you like.

Almost any aspect can use improvements. As a first step, you should look 
to see the existing tests for the area you're interested in. That should 
give you an idea of what's tested and what's not, of what the issues are.

Then look through the pull requests. It's very much possible that there 
are new tests (or improvements) in the pipeline that haven't been 
reviewed yet. Reviewing tests is just as important as writing them, it 
can be quite instructive (whether the tests are good or not — either way 
you have to figure things out), and there's a backlog.

Then if you feel there is still a need for tests in that area — and the 
odds are pretty good there is — then just go ahead!

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