Re: Git question on reviewing tests and contributing fixes

On 16/12/14 01:49, Brad Hill wrote:
> As a reviewer of a test, is there any way in which I can propose changes to
> a PR beyond raising an issue and waiting for the original author to fix it?

Unfortunately this is GitHub annoyance #7. There isn't any way to update
an existing Pull Request unless you have push access to the repository
from which the PR was made. Typically you don't and access may not be
easy to obtain, especially in what is a common situation for us with
ttwf contributers, where the contributer has moved on and no longer has
any interest in their PR.

For this reason I try to encourage people to submit to the main wpt repo
using a namespaced branch name, rather than working in their own fork,
where possible. Of course this only works for people who have write
access to that repository, which typically doesn't include new contributers.

Unfortunately I don't know of a good solution to this. Maybe I should
make it possible to edit the PR associated with a critic branch so one
could at least recreate the original PR in a repository which you do
have access to whilst preserving review history. I'm not promising to do
that in the near future, however :)

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