RE: [IndexedDB] Seeking status and plans

> From: Joshua Bell [] 
> Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 01:15
> FYI, the majority of the "redness" in the "less-than-2" tests can be attributed to a couple of reasons that don't significantly affect compatibility:
> • interfaces.html - this idlharness.js-based test probes things like "does an attribute exist on the prototype of an interface object?" which Firefox gets right per WebIDL but the other browsers don't. This affects every API, not specific to Indexed DB. Chrome is attempting to fix without regressing performance. (I think there's more than one such issue revealed in the tests, and there may be actual implementation bugs too, will double check)
> • key_invalid.html - this assumes a particular prioritization of invalid input checks, and relates to 
> Accounting for those, the "less-than-2" tests show us to be in pretty good shape across implementations.


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