Re: Mismatch between CSS and web-platform-tests semantics for reftests

On 08/19/2014 03:28 PM, James Graham wrote:
>> I don't have usage stats of the various cases handy, but I know of a
>> bunch of tests offhand that require each scenario, and I've also
>> recently advised test authors about these features to solve problems
>> they were encountering. This isn't something we can drop or
>> significantly water down.
> Can you actually point to some concrete examples? No one has done that
> so far, much less estimated how often these features are required.
> Are these features something that any actual implementation is running?
> As far as I can tell from the documentation, Mozilla reftests don't
> support this feature, and I guess from Dirke's response that
> Blink/WebKit reftests don't either. That doesn't cover all possible
> implementations of course.

Mozilla uses the multiple-references-that-must-all-match feature.
No implementation supports match-any-of-these-references because
for a given implementation, only one answer is chosen and therefore
the others become mismatch references for that implementation. But
for the shared test suite, we need to have that semantic.


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