Status update of test documentation in Github

Many thanks to Tobie and James for the help. Here is the update of my assignments of test documentation in Github:

(1)    7 Closed

Issue 5 "Press": Closed

Issue 6 "About": Closed

Issue 7 "Communication Channel": Merged and Closed

Issue 11 "How to Sign a CLA": Merged and Closed

Issue 13 "Test review process": Merged and Closed

Issue 17 "Manual Test doc": Closed

Issue 29 "Github 101": Merged and Closed

(2)    4 Milestone-2

Issue 3 "Test Coverage API doc": Milestone 2

Issue 4 "Test Result API doc": Milestone 2

Issue 8 "How to become a Reviewer": Milestone 2

Issue 16 "Server side components": Milestone 2

(3)    2 on hold

Issue 1 "Writing an Introduction to Testing at W3C": On hold until the whole doc site is finished.

Issue 10 "CLA Verification": No current process yet.

(4)    5 Finished with PR, and pending further review and merge

Issue 12 "How to report a bug": PR 39, pending further review

Issue 14 "Test submission process": PR 45, pending further review

Issue 18 "Reftest doc": PR 43, pending further review

Issue 19 "testharness.js doc": PR 36, pending further review

Issue 24 "Migration process": PR 48, pending further review



Received on Tuesday, 25 June 2013 18:02:34 UTC