Re: "Help" channels in terms of testing

Sorry for chiming it late on this. It turns out email piles up fast while
you're traveling far from home in the midst of planning a large event :)

++1 what James said. Seriously fractured and very much in need of
consolidation. WRT the CSSWG, I can certainly help redirect our use of the
css-testsuite list when the time comes.  Ditto for our duplicated docs on
our wiki (I'll catch up to the doc work after TestTWF Tokyo)

Re: The TestTWF mailing list.  Yeah, we hadn't actually considered it as a
help channel. We see it more of a forum for the TestTWF community -
especially to include those who are not W3C'ers, WG members, or browser
vendors. Since a big part of the TestTWF movement is about bringing people
not in those three groups in as OWP contributors, such is the mail list.
It's currently pretty much a broadcast-type list for announcing and
recapping events, but we'd like to see the community start using it to
reach each other for growing the movement further.  We've enlisted a lot
of subscribers at various conferences the last few months, many of whom
are community leaders or represent organizations who have a strong
personal interest in web standards (duh. Don't we all??).  We're at the
point with TestTWF where we'd like to see the community start working
together to put on their own events, so we hope to see the mail list start
being used for that in the future. For that matter, if anyone on this list
would like to have an event in your area, I suggest you use that list to
see if there are any potential partners near you :)


On 6/4/13 8:51 PM, "Tobie Langel" <> wrote:

>On Monday, June 3, 2013 at 9:25 PM, James Graham wrote:
>> I think this is the best idea. It is clear that the testing community is
>> too fractured at the moment; even when decisions are made once they get
>> explained multiple times; typically once on public-html-testsuite (or
>> #htmlt), once on public-webapps-testsuite (or in #webapps). If CSS
>> even more of a ghetto we would probably have the same conversations on
>> public-css-testsuite. I don't even know how people in other WGs like
>> Performance and WebRTC WG are finding out things about testing.
>> they aren't.
>> Specifically I suggest we drop everything apart from public-test-infra
>> #testing. Anything that is truly WG specific should go to the main WG
>> mailing list.
>Can't agree more. 
>Pruned the doc to its bare essentials[1]. Compiled those resources in the
>testing wiki's liaison page[2] for future reference and consolidation.

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