Re: W3C Testing How To slides

On 9/19/12 10:17 AM, "James Graham" <> wrote:

>On Wed, 19 Sep 2012, Rebecca Hauck wrote:
>> BTW, I nominated this topic as a session idea on the Plenary day at TPAC
>> next month.
>I see that's listed as a session for someone else to organise/lead. If no
>one else wants I am quite happy to run such a session.

Great!  Yeah, being somewhat new to the W3C, I didn't feel like I had
quite enough background to run such a discussion. Plus, I'm doing another
session recapping our TestTWF events this year.  Not sure what the process
is on the wiki - either you move that suggestion up to the section above
it or you make a note there that you're willing to run it?

Thanks so much for stepping up!


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