Re: W3C Testing How To slides

Hi Rebecca,

On 18/09/2012 00:21 , Rebecca Hauck wrote:
> These slides are great! Are you planning on attending Test The Web Forward
> in Paris prior to TPAC on October 26 & 27?  James Graham and I are each
> going give a talk on parts of what you have here - he is going to present
> on testharness.js and I will be walking through how to create a reftest.
> You have a lot of additional great information here that would be very
> useful at the event for new test writers.  I particularly like the first
> 10 slides the cover figuring out what to test.
> If you are able to attend, would you like to co-present with James and me?
> If you can't make it, perhaps I can include some of this into my talk.
> Feel free to contact me directly off-list if you want to discuss the
> logistics of the event.

I suspect that Philippe won't be at TTWF but since I will be there I can 
easily cover up for him and present whichever subset of those slides 
best fits in with what you and James will be talking about.

Robin Berjon - - @robinberjon

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