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RE: ambiguous match and business transaction

From: doeuk.nosing <doeuk.nosing@wanadoo.fr>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 00:01:28 +0200
To: "'Massimo Paolucci'" <paolucci@cs.cmu.edu>
Cc: <public-sws-ig@w3.org>
Hi massimo

- Concerning the service Profile .... I read that the service profile
permits agents or other programs to check unambiguously the matching between
a requested WS and a advertised WS, only with input and output (I don't
really understand how the condition and effect works) ... But imagine you
can found 2 services that have the input / output, but don't do the same
thing ... like this example : You have 2 inputs, 2 Numbers and 1 output,
also a number. The service A do input1  input2 while the service B do
input1 - input2. How a matching algorithm can make a difference between this
2 services (because they have the same input/output) ?

Function signature is limited in the representation of functionalities,  and
OWL-S is based on OWL,  therefore you can define a taxonomy of profiles that
allows you to distinguish between different types of Web services.  The
OWL-S coalition proposed one such taxonomy.

>>>>> I thought that in OWL-S a WS function was specified by IOPE ? SO you
learn me that function of WS is only specified by the profile.  So in the
BravoAirProfile.owl, the function that sell tickets is only define by
rdf:ID="Profile_BravoAir_ReservationAgent"> ? So a matching engine only have
to analyse the taxonomy of AirlineTicketing ... But what about the Input and
the ouput ? They are useless here, but the OWL-S technical overview deals
with IOPE (input and output) ... ? 

- Concerning composition of services .... Imagine we are looking for a WS.
So we must check the IOPE of a bunch of WS and take the WS that match
perfectly my requested WS. But imagine, there is no WS that completely match
my requested WS, but they only partially match. Is it possible to compose
them? For example: I am looking for a travel, so I want to buy a train
ticket and rent a room in  a hotel for 1 week. There are only ticket seller
and hotel WS, but there are no WS that can offer the 2. Is there a way to
mix these 2 WS in order to buy my complete travel?

Your composition algorithm should take care of this.  One way,  that for
instance we adopted at CMU, is to search for services that achieve only one
goal.  So we would find a Web service for the Hotel, and one for the train.
Which solves your problem.  Suppose that there is a Web service that does
both, then we would find that Web service twice,  first for the hotel, then
for the train.

>>>> I thought that service model is use for compose Service ... but here I
learn that services can only achieve one goal ... I think there is something
I don't understand, because in the technical overview, WS based on OWL-S
seems to be able to compose many other WS in order to provides more complexe
services (not atomical)

Hope that helped.
>>> Of course that helps, THX a LOT !

--- Massimo

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