Re: [ann] CODE (CMU OWL-S Development Environment) - Beta release available

Le 2 déc. 04, à 17:53, Massimo Paolucci a écrit :
> On a more scientific/technological point of view,  there should be a 
> connection between the OWL-S description and the Java code,  and 
> ideally you would like to derive the complete OWL-S description from 
> Java.  The problem is that this transformation requires many decisions 
> and abstractions (Which java functions to model?  how to abstract java 
> classes to owl classes? how to model data/control flow? etc) that 
> makes it very difficult to automate.  The CMU tool is a first step,  
> but the arena is open for everybody to contribute.

My first thought would be using XDoclet... did anyone start there?


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