Re: [ann] CODE (CMU OWL-S Development Environment) - Beta release available

Le 2 déc. 04, à 16:34, Bijan Parsia a écrit :

>> I am all but an expert but isn't this somewhat simplistic to use all 
>> these translations transparently ?
> Usually, there is some sort of augmentation or alteration done at each 
> level. Well, java2wsdl is usually transparent *except* in so far as 
> you might want to specify alternative bindings (which is 
> significant!). When going form WSDL2OWL-S, you *at least* want to add 
> to the profile something about the type, constraints, and capabilties 
> of the service. So you've added informaton! Actually, it's similar to 
> what you might add when creating a UDDI entry.

But isn't augmentation and alteration at each level, precisely against 
the goals of this development environment ?


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