Re: [ann] CODE (CMU OWL-S Development Environment) - Beta release available


While reading this, I came to think that all these translations Java > 
WSDL > OWL-S, though well integrated, may be somewhat "lossy" in terms 
of expressivity.
I am all but an expert but isn't this somewhat simplistic to use all 
these translations transparently ?



Le 19 nov. 04, à 17:39, Naveen Srinivasan a écrit :
>  The beta version of CODE (CMU OWL-S Development Environment) is 
> available for download from 
> CODE addresses the Semantic web services development process which is 
> time consuming and error prone.  At the moment, the generation and 
> deployment of Semantic Web Services is supported by only a few tools 
> that do not form a consistent suite. Hence the developer has to switch 
> between many tools during the development process and may face 
> inconsistencies because the tools are developed by different 
> organizations. CODE addresses these problems by providing a uniform 
> integrated development environment and allows the developer to 
> seamlessly move between various aspects of the semantic web service 
> development. A brief introduction to CODE is available at 
> . Please free feel to contact 
> us if you face any problem installing or using the editor.
> Regards,
> Naveen Srinivasan (naveen at cs dot cmu dot edu)
> Massimo Paolucci (paolucci at cs dot cmu dot edu)
> Katia Sycara (katia at cs dot cmu dot edu)
> Intelligent Software Agents Lab,
> Carnegie Mellon University

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