Re: Introduction - Mark Baker

On Nov 10, 2003, at 7:58 PM, Mark Baker wrote:
> I've been the guy who's described himself as 'Putting the "Web" in "Web
> Services"'.  So I guess you could say that I'm here to help put the
> "Web" into "Semantic Web Services" now.  In particular, I'm quite
> concerned that a lot of the "*-S" work is picking up on bad practice in
> Web-services land, specifically, assuming that HTTP doesn't define a
> sufficiently rich application interface over which automata can
> coordinate arbitrary tasks.

It is my fervent hope that if SWS-IG ever dives down to the level
of message transport protocols the Great Referee In The Sky will
blow a whistle (or throw a flag, or whatever image you prefer)
and declare "out of scope, ten yard penalty"! Now it may be the
case that some of the SWS discussions touch on topics such as
how to represent web service description in a semantically
grounded fashion (or, crudely, how to reimplement WSDL in RDF,
as a friend of mine put it). Nonetheless, I would hope that
we'd focus on taking the work of WSD and building upon it,
rather than indulging ourselves in the impulse to re-fight
old battles....

So, Mark, I guess my hope is that you don't actually have to do
anything here!


I'd also note that there is at least one group of potential SWS-IG
members with whom you should have great affinity: "intelligent agent"
researchers of the BDI/FIPA school. The speech-act based interaction
model seems quite compatible with your predilections.....

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