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DAML-S/OWL-S, SWSI content MOVING to public-sws-ig

From: David Martin <martin@ai.sri.com>
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 2003 09:25:55 -0800
Message-ID: <3FAA8423.7020006@ai.sri.com>
To: "'www-ws@w3.org'" <www-ws@w3.org>, public-sws-ig@w3.org

Hello all -

For some time now, the OWL-S Coalition has been conducting public 
technical discussions on www-ws@w3.org.  More recently, the SWSI 
language committee also started using www-ws, and I believe the SWSI 
architecture committee also has the intention of doing so.

Now, with the formation of the new Semantic Web Services Interest Group, 
there is a more appropriate forum for these discussions.  With the kind 
permission of the Interest Group chair, Carine Bournez, the 
above-mentioned committees will begin using public-sws-ig@w3.org for 
public technical discussions, *effective immediately*.

If you aren't subscribed to public-sws-ig, subscription information can 
be found here:

To help keep things sorted out, we will follow the convention of 
prefixing subject lines with one of the following:
   "OWL-S:" "SWSL:" "SWSA:"

The OWL-S Coalition (also known as the DAML-S Coalition) is a group of 
researchers, most of whom have some funding from DARPA's DAML research 
program, who are developing a Semantic Web Services language called 
OWL-S (Ontology Web Language for Services), formerly called DAML-S.  The 
currently available release is OWL-S 0.9; release 1.0 will be announced 
some time this month.  Please visit here for more info:

SWSI (the Semantic Web Services Initiative) is a closely-related 
international effort, which includes European Semantic Web researchers 
and an international collection of industrial affiliates, in addition to 
some OWL-S members.  SWSI, whose efforts got underway earlier this year, 
will build upon OWL-S to produce a 2nd-generation SWS language that 
addresses a wider range of requirements, based on the consensus of a 
broader international group of participants.  Please visit here for more 

David Martin
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