Re: A task force for forum software?

On Thu, 4 Apr 2024 at 21:30, Evan Prodromou <> wrote:

> At the last Fediforum, a group of "threadiverse" developers got together
> to discussion interoperability between different Web forum software
> packages using ActivityPub.
> There are some de facto standards in the space, based on what Lemmy
> does, but there's interest in documenting this formally, and
> coordinating as a group.
> In the follow-up meeting today, I participated and suggested that the
> implementers could form a task force within the SocialCG. Given that we
> have several task forces at work now making reports on different topics,
> I believe it would be a good fit for us.
> I realize it's late for a discussion on this, but: can we add an agenda
> item to discuss creating a task force for creating a report on how to
> implement forum-like features in ActivityPub?

It was a very cordial and fruitful meeting and I am glad it went well with
the outcome it did.

The only thing in retrospect I wish had happened is that we had heard the
reasoning that people who did not vote for the Task Force under the
SWICG and had a chance to air these views.

I am hoping they will all come along and we can allay their issues and
possible fears that formalization and a large organization like the W3C
even though we are the community arm may cause.

The main issue that I did pickup on was the effect that standardization may
have on the flexibility and creativity and elbow room for new early more
experimental technologies to evolve wider more innovative solutions.

The other aspect is programming to standards and conforming to them is also
an issue for some programmers who are more freeform in their development

I think we need to bear in mind and maybe look at addressing both of these
issues, and any other possible reasoning that might have been in the
meeting. I do hope that everyone from the meeting comes along and is not
disenfranchised by the experience.

I am wishing this was not an after the fact email, and maybe we can pick up
on these issues at the meeting. Also that we can work on these issues for
the group and the wider development community.


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