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On 22 September 2023 18:34:00 BST Bob Wyman <> wrote:
But, which perspectives should we seek? Jon's note only mentioned
perspectives arising from diversity of sex, gender, or other inherited
characteristics  But, there are many other influences that intersect to
create unique, valuable, and addressable perspectives. Gamers, chemists,
teachers, users of accessibility features, merchants, non-English speakers,
operators of disaster response systems, and many others will have, in
addition to many common interests, usefully diverse interests that might,
or even should, be considered by those developing SocialWeb standards.

I think we should recognize that seeking diverse perspectives is not like
collecting stamps.

With respect, I think you miss the point of what Jon and I were saying here. Jon's original post said we were missing the perspective of:

"Black and Indigenous people, women of color, trans and non-binary people, and others who are marginalized and exploited by today's centralized and commercial social networks"

Chemists (qua chemists) are not people who are marginalised and exploited; neither are most of the other categories you list. But the categories in Jon's list are of people who are routinely spoken over in society, and who we therefore need to ensure we're listening to.

(We should certainly be seeking input from chemists and gamers and whatever as well, but that's orthogonal to the first point.)

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