Re: My input for tomorrow

On 22 September 2023 06:03:59 BST, Jon Pincus <> wrote:
>My input: it would be a huge mistake to charter a WG, define its scope, or even start a task force before getting a broader range of perspectives /and /finding a way to ensure diverse participation.
>If you want to create decentralized social networks that are good for Black and Indigenous people, women of color, trans and non-binary people, and others who are marginalized and exploited by today's centralized and commercial social networks ... you need to involve them in the discussion. That isn't currently happening.  I've followed this list for several months and I rarely hear perspectives from women, Black or Indigenous people, or trans and non-binary people.  I don't think I've /ever /heard a perspective from a woman of color or trans person of color.
>That's a problem that needs to be addressed before moving forward.

This is a really important point.  Shall we ask around on the fediverse for people who can contribute with perspective?

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