Re: W3c and tests

> Who decides what tests are in and which are out?

A related question is “Who decides who decides? <>”
According to W3C CG Process <>, "W3C encourages groups adopt decision-making policies that promote consensus.”

> Who gets to commit changes to test suites?

Generally I think this would be similar to other group notes, which have editors/authors who commit vs the whole group, and who can seek consensus from broader groups, but also appeal to other processes in case of a formal objection.

> where do the resources come from to maintain such test suites?

Usually various places who want the work to be done in the way that the fundee plausibly commits to do it in the public interest.

Sometimes also e.g. employer paychecks, stock options and RSUs. Lots of those more recently. :/

> What’s an example for a W3C standard where a complex test suite is maintained very well and entirely under control of the W3C? What I mean by that is that committers — and individual commits -- to such a test suite could be removed if the powers-that-are (say W3C board off directors and hierarchy below) were to decide they wanted to do that.

I think that might be counter to the mission <> of the w3c: "W3C is leading the Web to its full potential by developing protocols and guidelines that ensure the long-term growth of the Web."
And its vision <> "Our vision is for a World Wide Web that is more inclusive, and more respectful of its users: a Web that supports truth over falsehood, people over profits, humanity over hate. We will improve the ethical integrity of the Web. As the Web continues to grow in importance to include all humanity as its users, it must increase its respect for those users and the trust it earns from them."

Hierarchy, powers-that-be, command and control only goes so far and it can be a liability more than an asset. In complex systems like social ones this is especially true.

> What happens if conflicts occur? (This being humanity, I suspect there are.) Are there examples anybody can share?

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