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When talking adding a Matrix chat channel I might point to effort on SocialHub to bring more cohesion between otherwise independent initiatives, to avoid overlap and reinventing wheels:

There is currently a Fediverse Developers channel, where many people that are active both at the SocialHub and the SWICG mailing list are already present:

SocialHub community forum has an official liaison to the SWICG.. this matrix chat channel might be similarly associated. The initiative it was launched for can be found on

Note: In other SWICG mail thread there's discussion about impact of the Meta entry to the Fediverse. Any cohesion we might forge in our grassroots movement would make our position stronger in the face of such big corporate entries.
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> Can we get Matrix as the common channel as WHATWG does? đŸ€”
> On May 23, 2023 8:06:32 AM GMT+02:00, Melvin Carvalho <> wrote:
>> Ășt 23. 5. 2023 v 3:05 odesĂ­latel Jacky Alcine <> napsal:
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>>> What was the point of asking this in a public mailing list (outside of
>>> a bit of attention seeking) outside of just using his contact page[1]
>>> about their engagement?
>> I'd like to gently push back on this phrase "outside of a bit of attention seeking" as it could be thought of as a passive aggressive jab, and I think such phrases should be avoided.
>> During the working group stage, the IndieWeb members chose alternative communication channels over the mailing list, which was indeed productive for that group. However, this resulted in a communication gap for those who primarily used the mailing list.
>> Now, with the Community Group using the mailing list as the main communication method, it's possible that Aaron, as our chair, might not receive all messages. Since I'm no longer as active in IndieWeb's IRC, but some still are, I thought it would be relevant to check in with Aaron on his preference for staying connected given the recent activity in the group.
>> I hope this provides a clearer understanding of the original message.
>>> I'm also a IndieWeb user[2] and I engage with this list. What are your
>>> intentions?
>>> [1]:
>>> [2]:
>>> On Tue, 2023-05-23 at 00:44 +0200, Melvin Carvalho wrote:
>>>> Aaron is currently chair of the SWICG
>>>> I was wondering how active he still is?
>>>> His feed shows he's still quite up to date and writing current SW
>>>> matters:
>>>> It's quite typical of indieweb users not to use mailing lists, so it
>>>> might be nice if someone that knows him, asked him what his plans
>>>> are in general.
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