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> On May 19, 2023, at 02:43, Melvin Carvalho <> wrote:

> Actually Yadis was originally based on Linked Data, specifically FOAF.  XRD/JRD came a bit later.  Hence supporting 2 different standards today.

You are pointing to the project briefly called Yadis initiated by Brad Fitzpatrick at LiveJournal that he renamed OpenID shortly after announcement.


I am pointing to the project called Yadis that, with the consent of Brad and David Recordon, reused the name and the mailing list he had established for the previous project, to focus on metadata discovery for http identifiers used as identifiers for people, and which is what  still refers to (I take responsibility for the name confusion, I figured at the time it was easier to reuse a community than to form a new one and people went along with it.)




Johannes Ernst

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